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The Silver Gallery

Pounamu Statue - Hoiho (with stand)

Pounamu Statue - Hoiho (with stand)

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The Silver Gallery

Pounamu Statue

Kiwi, Hoiho, Pepeketua, Ruru, Pakaka, Tohora, Aihe, Maki

1. Statue 33mm (height), stand 68mm (wide)

2. Statue 15mm (height), stand 52mm (wide)

3. Statue 15mm (height), stand 49mm (wide)

4. Statue 15mm (height), stand 70mm (wide)

5. Statue 30mm (height), stand 61mm (wide)


The Silver Gallery was a kiwiana shop located at the Devonport Marina in Auckland. They showcased many beautiful kiwiana pieces made from talented silver smiths and carvers with an abundance of beautiful Pounamu (greenstone) pieces varying from jewellery to ornaments. The perfect place to pickup a memory of your travels through Aotearoa. We have been given the privilege to continue to offer some of their amazing range of items.

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