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Denim Jacket (Personalized) - bigger sizes

Denim Jacket (Personalized) - bigger sizes

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Unicorns vs Dinosaurs

Denim Jacket

Basic - Pink, Black, Blue

Ripped - Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige

Ripped Tie Dye - Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Cotton, polyester

Our new Personalized Denim Jackets are here and OMG they are amazing!! Let your child get creative and design their own custom-made jacket. From choosing the font and colour for their name, to up to 5 patches that show off their personality. With so many to choose from no jacket will look the same.


Step 1: Select your Denim Jacket (personalized) colour and size. Be sure to "add to cart"

Step 2: Choose your Patches - Letters colour. Be sure to "add to cart" and only select quantity 1 regardless of how many letters you need.

Step 3: Choose up to 5 Patches. Be sure to "add all 5 to cart"

Step 4: Checkout

Step 5: Send us an email with the name you want to be used for the letters and any information in regard to the layout of patches, e.g., all on the back, 1 on the front etc.

Step 6: We will send you a picture of the jacket and patches layout before we iron on. You will then give us the thumbs up or let us know any changes you want to make.

Step 7: Jacket will be made, and no more changes can be made, no change of mind, no refund etc.

As all of our jackets are made to order there is a wait of up to 4 weeks. So, if you need yours by a certain date, we can help make it a priority order. Also cancel at any time for a full refund (before customization has started).

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